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Capabilities and Policies

  • Event Planning and Wedding Coordination: Our Event Coordinators will assist in your scheduling arrangements for the wedding rehearsal and ceremony. Should you require additional assistance on the day of your wedding, one of Clos LaChance Event Coordinators can be onsite to ensure your event is a complete success.
  • Catering: Clos LaChance works exclusively with CordeValle, Le Papillion and Café Primavera. Please refer to Clos LaChance’s Preferred Vendors List for contact information.
  • Liability/Insurance: Clos LaChance Winery does not assume any responsibility for personal property or equipment brought into the facilities. Clients agree to take responsibility for any damage to the function room or any other part of the Winery caused by clients, any of their guests, or an independent agent. In addition, Clos LaChance requires clients coming in with large events to provide a certificate of insurance.
  • Parking and Shuttles: Parking is limited at the winery and carpooling is highly recommended. All groups MUST arrange for valet or a shuttle service. Please contact Derek Tuner at (408) 712-0841 for pricing information.
  • Event Timing: Due to the busy summer hours in the Tasting Room, event start times and end times will vary depending on the date of your wedding. During the months of May and September weddings can start no earlier than 5:30pm and must end by 11:00pm. June, July and August weddings can start no earlier than 6:00pm and must end by 11:30pm. October and April weddings can start no earlier than 5:00pm and must end by 10:30pm. No event may exceed the 8.5 hour rental period. When creating your wedding invitation, please put the exact ceremony start time.
  • Deposits & Payment Schedules: A deposit equaling 50% of the total facility rental is required to secure an event date at Clos LaChance. The amount will be deducted from the total cost after the contract has been approved and signed. The balance is due 3 months prior to the event date. We require a major credit card along with your deposit to guarantee any additional charges incurred, should your costs exceed the estimated bill. Final accounting will be forwarded after the event.
  • Cancellations:
    If there is a cancellation the following policy will apply:

    • More than 8 weeks: 50% of the cost is the amount owed to Clos LaChance
    • Less than 8 weeks: 75% of the cost is the amount owed to Clos LaChance
    • Less than 4 weeks: 100% of the cost is the amount owed to Clos LaChance
    • If Clos LaChance can resell the event date, the cancellation amount (NOT including the deposit) will be waived.
  • Wedding Rehearsals: Wedding rehearsals must be scheduled in advance with a Clos LaChance Events Manager. Rehearsals must be scheduled either the Thursday or Friday prior to the wedding date before 2 pm.
  • Music: Clos LaChance Event Coordinators must approve any music or entertainment six weeks prior to the event. Amplified music outdoors is NOT allowed without prior approval from Clos LaChance. Please contact the Clos LaChance Event Coordinators with any questions regarding the times stated above.
  • Decorations: Large decorations or displays brought into the Winery must be approved by Clos LaChance Event Coordinators 6 weeks prior to arrival in order to prevent damage to fixtures or furnishings. All decorations must be removed from the winery at the end of the event. Clos LaChance WILL throw away any decorations (including votives) at the end of the night.


If you have any questions, please contact Kristin Murphy at Kristin@clos.com or 408.686.1050 ext. 106