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Being a good steward of land and resources is a key practice in Clos LaChance’s wine making and wine growing philosophy. Owners Bill and Brenda Murphy are especially vested in the sustainability of the vineyard and winery—creating a legacy for their children, grandchildren and generations to come.

The definition of “sustainability” is continuous improvement promoting practices that are:

  • Environmentally Sound: practices which consider and where possible enhance environmental quality.
  • Economically Viable: long term profitability and viability of the organization, with an eye to responsible governance and business practices.
  • Enhance Social Equity: ethical, fair and equitable conduct of a business relative to society-at-large, as well as, contributing to the sustainable performance of other organizations.

In early 2009, Clos LaChance’s 150-acre Estate vineyard was one of seventeen California vineyards to be Sustainably Certified via the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance. The production facility was certified shortly thereafter.

Click here for more information and specific examples about Clos LaChance’s Sustainability practices.